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The Armory with Steve Maulburger

January 27, 2022  //  8:00am
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Steve Maulberger - Crop Risk Services

Steve Maulberger, VP, Crop Risk Services Inc. Steve is part of the executive team that manages the crop insurance division of AIG by focusing on helping innovative Ag Producers manage risk and link up with the right partners to maximize profitability and he is also somewhat of a futurist looking at what is next for Ag and the great American Farmer. Steve has 39 years of Ag experience, 34 of which was with ADM in various capacities. Prior to crop insurance, Steve was Managing Director for ACToepfer International, which was a global trading company based in Hamburg, Germany with operations in 62 countries. Steve has lived in Europe and South America and today resides in Central Illinois, with his wife. They have 7 children and 4 grandkids.

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