If you plan to have any corn chopped for silage, it MUST appraised before the chopper arrives to the field. Please call our office immediately to submit a "Notice of Loss" so we can get you in communication with an adjuster.
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2021 Prices
Base: $4.58
Harvest: TBD
Base: $11.87
Harvest: TBD
Base: $5.60
Harvest: $6.68
Base: $0.1969
Harvest: TBD

We are driven by providing unequaled service.

Crop insurance is our business. Helping clients understand their policy and how it can be used in their farm's risk management and marketing program is our goal. We strive to administer our clients crop insurance policy with the utmost accuracy aiding in a smooth claim process when you need it most. Working with a Williamson agent, you'll notice integrity in everything we do.

Integrate your crop insurance and marketing for max profitability

DecisionMaxx is a comprehensive online tool to analyze crop insurance and marketing decisions. This program provides constant visualization of crop level profitability with multiple "what-if" scenarios which allow producers to quickly assess bottom line impacts of different marketing strategies.

Profit Visualization

Track and record all your marketing positions in one location. Know your bottom line and revenue sources in one easy click.

Risk Management

DecisionMAXX allows you to develop a marketing strategy that works in concert with your insurance coverage. Use the 'Marketing Playground' feature to simulate how forward selling grain with your insurance guarantee impacts your profitability.

Safety Net

DecisionMaxx gives a detailed breakdown of indemnity payments at all price and yield scenarios. This tool helps determine if your crop insurance level is adequate.

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Base Price: references the following CBOT contracts

Harvest Price: references the following CBOT contracts