Producers with Crop Insurance to Receive Premium Benefit for Cover Crops: Agricultural producers who have coverage under most crop insurance policies are eligible for a premium benefit from the USDA if they planted cover crops during the 2022 crop year. To receive the benefit from this year’s Pandemic Cover Crop Program (PCCP), producers must report cover crop acreage by March 15, 2022.

Daniel Girls Farmhouse with Michael Clark

February 02, 2022  //  9:00am
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Michael Clark with BAM Chase Weather

Michael Clark is from Whiteland, IN where he went to high school and graduated in 2006. Michael has been obsessed with how weather impacts the economy for years. He studied Operational meteorology at Mississippi State University, and worked along side FOX59 Chief Meteorologist Brian Wilkes in Indianapolis for 3 years where he also did fill in work on TV from time to time. Michael handles the operations side of BAM ensuring timely and accurate reports are issued to clients daily. Michael and his wife Christie live in Indianapolis with their 2 daughters and son. Michael and his wife host a high school small group of kids and are actively involved in their church Emmanuel. His #1 goal is to TEACH the weather forecast so you understand how to SAVE and MAKE money around an accurate and reliable weather forecast.

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